SACE STAGE 1 & 2At Stage 1 SACE subjects are 100% school assessed . This means all your work is assessed by teachers at your school. Only the compulsory subjects: the Personal Learning Plan, and the literacy and numeracy subjects, are moderated by the SACE Board. At Stage 1, you will receive grades (from A to E) for each subject. Descriptions of each grade are included in the subject outlines for each subject and are called ‘performance standards’.
Teachers can use performance standards to:
• Show each student what is required to be successful in his or her learning
• Design assessments that assist students to demonstrate their learning at the highest possible level of achievement
• Make decisions about the quality of the learning.
Students can use performance standards to:
• Decide how to demonstrate their learning in ways most appropriate to them
• Monitor their progress
• Understand what is expected of them at the end of a learning program.
Stage 2 of the SACE is usually undertaken in Year 12, and over the course of the year most students will complete:
• At least 60 credits in their choice of Stage 2 subjects or courses
• The Research Project, a compulsory Stage 2 subject worth 10 credits.
For these subjects you must achieve a C- grade or better to achieve your SACE.
At Stage 2, every subject is 30% externally assessed, and 70% is school assessed. The school assessed component is moderated by the SACE Board.