Stage 1 & Stage 2

At Stage 1 SACE subjects are 100% school assessed . This means all your work is assessed by teachers at your school. Only the compulsory subjects: the Personal Learning Plan, and the literacy and numeracy subjects, are moderated by the SACE Board.

At Stage 1, you will receive grades (from A to E) for each subject. Descriptions of each grade are included in the subject outlines for each subject and are called ‘performance standards’.

Teachers can use performance standards to:

• Show each student what is required to be successful in his or her learning

• Design assessments that assist students to demonstrate their learning at the highest possible level of achievement

• Make decisions about the quality of the learning.

Students can use performance standards to:

• Decide how to demonstrate their learning in ways most appropriate to them

• Monitor their progress

• Understand what is expected of them at the end of a learning program.

Stage 2 of the SACE is usually undertaken in Year 12, and over the course of the year most students will complete:

• At least 60 credits in their choice of Stage 2 subjects or courses

• The Research Project, a compulsory Stage 2 subject worth 10 credits.

For these subjects you must achieve a C- grade or better to achieve your SACE.

At Stage 2, every subject is 30% externally assessed, and 70% is school assessed. The school assessed component is moderated by the SACE Board.

Ancient Studies
Armenian (continuers)
Auslan (continuers)
Australian Languages
Bosnian (continuers)
Croatian (continuers)
Dutch (continuers)
English Pathways
English as a Second Language
Filipino (continuers)
Hebrew (continuers)
Hindi (continuers)
Korean (background speakers)
Literacy for Work and Community Life
Macedonian (continuers)
Maltese (continuers)
Mathematical Applications
Music - Musicianship
Music Advanced
Music Experience
Numeracy for Work and Community Life
Portuguese (continuers)
Punjabi (continuers)
Research Practices
Romanian (continuers)
Serbian (continuers)
Sinhala (continuers)
Swedish (continuers)
Tamil (continuers)
Turkish (continuers)
Ukranian (continuers)
Yiddish (continuers)

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