AQA GCSE specifications have been created by a group of trusted teachers, specialists and academics with the classroom always in mind. They are supported by a host of resources, including personal advisors and digital resource banks, to help you achieve more with your students.

  • AQA individual specifications offer a stimulating and engaging learning experience
  • AQA assessment is designed to suit everyone, allowing students of all abilities to succeed
  • AQA specifications are designed to work together, giving students the opportunity to develop a wider range of knowledge and skills.


Additional Applied Science (4505)Additional Science (4408)Applications Of Mathematics (9370)Art & Design (4200)Bengali (4635)Biology (4401)Business Subjects & Economics (4130)Chemistry (4402)Chinese Mandarin (4670)Citizenship Studies (4105)Classical Civilisation (4020)Computer Science (4512)D&T Electronic Production (4570)D&T Food & Technology (4545)D&T Graphic Production (4550)D&T Product Design (4555)D&T Resistant Material (4560)D&T Short Course (4575)D&T Systems & Control Technology (4565)D&T Textile and Technology (4570)Dance (4230)Drama (4240)Electronics (4430)Engineering (4850)English (4700)English Language (4705)English Language (8700)English Language Northern Ireland (5705)English Litrature (8702)English Litrature (9715)English Northern Ireland (5700)Envoirnmental Sciences (4440)Expressive Arts (4260)French (4655)Further Additional Science (4410)General Studies (4760)Geography A (9030)Geography B (9035)German (4665)Health & Social Care (4820)Hebrew Moder (4675)History A (9140)History B (9145)Home Economics Child Development (4580)Home Economics Food & Nutrition (4585)Human Health & Physiology (4415)Humanities (4070)ICT (4520)Italian (4630)Law (4160)Leisure & Tourism (4840)Mathematics (4360)Mathematics (4360)Mathematics (8300)Mathematics Linear B(4365)Media Studies (4810)Methods in Mathematics (9365)Music (4270)Performing Arts (4880)Physcology (4180)Physical Education (4890)Physics (4403)Polish (4685)Punjabi (4680)Religious Studies (4050)Religious Studies (4055)Religious Studies (4055)Sociology (4190)Spanish (4695)Statistics (4310)Urdu (4645)

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