AQA A Level

AQA specifications are designed to the highest standards, so teachers, students and their parents can be confident that an AQA award provides an accurate measure of a student’s accomplishments. The assessment structures have been designed to achieve a balance between rigour, reliability and demands on students.
AQA runs an extensive programme of support meetings. These meetings explain the specification and suggest practical teaching strategies and approaches that work.

Accounting (2120)Anthropology (2110)Applied Business (8610)Applied Science (8770)Archaeology (2010)Art and Design (2200)Bengali (2635)Biology (2410)Business Studies (2130)Chemistry (2420)Chemistry (7404)Chemistry (7405)Citizenship (2100)Classical Civilisation (2020)Communication Culture (2625)Computing (2510)Creative Writing (2750)Critical Thinking (2770)D&T Food Technology (2540)D&T Product Design (3D) (2550)D&T Product Design (Textile) (2560)D&T Systems and Control Technology (2555)Dance (2230)Drama and Theatre Studies (2240)Economics (2140)Electronics (2430)English Language A (2700)English Language B (2705)English Language and Literature A (2720)English Language and Literature B (2725)English Literature A (2740)English Literature B (2745)English Litrature A (7711)English Litrature A (7712)English Litrature B (7716)English Litrature B (7717)Envoirnmental Sciences (2440)French (2650)General Studies A (2760)General Studies B (2765)Geography (2030)German (2660)Government and Politics (2150)Health and Social Care (2820)Hebrew Modern (2675)History (2040)History (7041)History (7042)History of Art (2250)Human Biology (2405)Information and Communication Technology (2520)Law (2160)Mathematics (6360)Mathematics Pilot use of Mathematics (9360)Mathematics Use of Mathematics AS (5350)Media Studies (2570)Music (2270)Philosophy (2170)Philosophy (2175)Physical Education (2580)Physics A (2450)Physics B (2455)Polish (2685)Psychology A (2180)Psychology B (2185)Punjabi (2680)Religious Studies (2060)Science in Society (2400)Sociology (2190)Spanish (2695)Statistics (6380)