The Kasur child sexual abuse scandal is a series of child sexual abuses that occurred in “Hussain Khanwala village” in Kasur District, Punjab, Pakistan from 2006 to 2015, culminating in a major political scandal in 2015. Various Pakistani media organizations estimated that 280 to 300 children were victims of sexual abuse, after the discovery of hundreds of video clips showing children performing forced sex acts. But nobody knows the exact number of victims.The scandal involved an organized crime ring that sold child pornography to porn sites, and blackmailed and extorted relatives of the victims.Which is an extremely shameful act by the way.

The scandal caused nationwide outrage,among allegations that the Punjab police and Malik Ahmed Saeed, Kasur’s Member of the Provincial Assembly from the ruling Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz), were involved in an attempted cover-up of the abuse. Hence its more like a political scandal rather than social.

Details of the child sex abuse scandal were reported by local media, with some reports saying that 280 children were molested by a gang, which also made around 400 videos of children, later using them to blackmail families and receiving money from them.



On 8 August, 2015, villagers from Hussain Khanwala and adjacent villages physically clashed with policemen in Dolaywala village along Deepalpur Road, after demonstrating against the police for failing to act on the abuse ring. Police cordoned off the roads leading to the village to stop the protesters. As a police contingent tried to halt the mob led by Mobeen Ahmed, the latter pelted stones and resorted to aerial firing. Police teargassed and baton charged the crowd, which then damaged official vehicles on Deepalpur Road. The clash left DSPs Hassan Farooq Ghumman and Arif Rasheed, Ganda Singh SHO Akmal Kausar, policemen Akbar, Sajid, Riaz, Naeem, Ahmed Ali, Akbar Ghani and Muhammad Akmal besides 15 protesters injured.
Question rises here is : Was police supposed to do this as an national act? Would they ever even assume their children to be on that stage?
The people of that village had nothing else to do except protesting. Because that is the only way to get justice in a state like Pakistan.

The Government of Punjab’s initial statement came from Punjab Minister of Law Rana Sanaullah on 8 August, 2015, who stated that a government inquiry committee concluded that no instance of child sex abuse had been reported. Sanaullah said that reports to this effect surfaced after two parties involved in a land dispute registered “fake cases” against each other. Sanaullah’s statement was widely criticized by the media and locals.
Chief Minister’s reaction
On 9 August, 2015, the Chief Minister of Punjab Shehbaz Sharif ordered the Punjab Home Department to request Chief Justice of the Lahore High Court Manzoor Ahmed Malik to constitute a judicial inquiry to look into the matter.The Chief Justice rejected the request, on the grounds that such an inquiry was constituted for fact-finding missions, and that the police had already begun making arrests in this instance.

Besides all the responsibilities that has been done by our media or government. The most important factor of this scandal is TILL WHEN!
Media is doing over criticism on the act politically. Everyone’s corrupt here. Nobody’s perfect. but why are we using them innocent children in this case like a political issue so much! we can also spread awareness by using a silent language. Is it really important to mention the names and all the things that has been done with those innocents? from my perspective a BIG NO! because media is just doing this for their PR and Political parties are also doing this for their own good. nobody’s sincere with them. if they were they would never have been used such strong words like ” children were forced to have sex with each other ” , ” a whole lot of porn videos of them children are available on internet “etc . It’s totally insane to spread such an stupid message in front of the nation through media or politics.

WAKE UP NATION! its time to get over these type of subjects as soon as possible.
We are looking forward to have a positive message by the government and judiciary on this shameful act and we expect the people who have done this would be punished as hard as they deserve!

Till then! stay save ! and try to spread only positive messages for nation! because people who are watching the television are not only adults or teenagers but also children.